How Elina Svitolina Prepares psychologically for a match

focusing on Your Pre-Match Preparation

How numerous times have you played in a competition where you were concerned about who you were going to play next?

Have you ever viewed as well as waited for the result of a match hoping that you were going to deal with a player that was a much more beneficial match up?

It is understandable that you would want to play against a player that you feel is an simple opponent to beat.

Do you see a issue keeping that mindset? What if you had to play the opponent you were rooting against?

You have an underlying tone that you worry you are going to lose. feelings of uneasiness as well as stress and anxiety will develop throughout the time you wait on the match.

This apprehension will impact your preparation as well as your mental method for the match. At that point, you have provided your opponent an advantage even before the match has begun.

Playing the waiting game is what Elina Svitolina had to do after her semifinal win over Belinda Bencic at the 2019 Shiseido WTA Finals Shenzhen.

No.8 seed as well as defending champion Svitolina had to wait on semifinal matchup between world No.1 Ashleigh Barty as well as world No.2 Karolina Pliskova to see who she was going to deal with in the finals of the tournament.

SVITOLINA: “It doesn’t matter who I’m going to play, Ashleigh or Karolina, No. 1 as well as No. 2 in the world, so you have to be ready, you have to fight.”

For Svitolina, it doesn’t matter who she plays; she is going to prepare the exact same method both psychologically as well Camiseta Bayern Munich as physically.

SVITOLINA: “I have an essential match tomorrow to win. For me, I try to take one match at a time. You don’t have to believe so much ahead, so much what’s going on… It’s every match from the beginning you have to be on it, have to be focused, have to be providing your finest game, your finest mental conditions, physical conditions. I always like to push my limits. That’s what I try to do.”

You never understand who you are going to play next. It is completely outside of your control, so why squander mental energy that might be spent on something you can manage as well as something that benefits your performance…


Focusing on your preparation takes you out of a worry mindset. focusing on you as well as your preparation minimizes anxiety.

Focusing on preparation gets you completely prepared to be your finest no matter who is your next opponent.

Focusing on preparation is a positive mindset that allows you to play your finest tennis each time you step on the court for a competitive tennis match.

Focusing on Your Pre-Match Preparation:

Get yourself in a routine prematch routine for each competition as well as every match. What will you do to physically prepare for the match?

What will you do to psychologically prepare for the match?

You might: (1) have a prepared game plan based on your opponent, imagine executing your game plan, fuel up your confidence, remind self to take it one point at a time, as well as prepare to count on in your skills as well as swing away.

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Are you (or your players) performing as much as your capability in competition?

Do you bring your finest as well as many positive game to matches?

I commonly hear players grumble about the complying with issues when they play in matches…

“I get so tight or tense before matches that I can’t believe directly or have any type of rhythm in my game.”

“I get so frustrated with hitting poor shots or with errors as well as it snowballs.”

“I expect so much when I play that I unravel as well as lose confidence when the match does not go as planned.”

“My confidence seems to vanish when I go from method to matches as well as I don’t understand why.”

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