A new player in the creation & production of terrific shows sized for stadiums

industry veteran, Jean-Christophe Giletta, has launched live Stadium. The goal of this new player in the stadium industry is to partner with stadium operators who’s technique is to diversify their programming with large Camiseta Sevilla FC cultural events.


Stadium operators face two major challenges: 1) A shortage of events able to fill a stadium of 40,000-50,000-capacity and 2) The strong competition between stadiums when an opportunity arises to host a major event, like an international match or a large-scale concert.


To meet this growing demand, live stadium provides a series of terrific shows scheduled between 2020 and 2024, showcasing the most popular works of the classical repertoire. These shows, with a staging and a scenography scaled for stadiums, will allow spectators to not only attend a terrific show, but also to learn, participate and express their own talents.


Live stadium is creating and producing these large shows Camiseta Aston Villa FC for stadiums over 25,000-seats worldwide.


Whatever the venue, live stadium provides a distinct range of skills for the design and production of large-scaled live events


The first Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Dinamarca creation of live Stadium, a monumental Swan Lake, is proposed for June 2020 in France and Europe.


The terrific operas, Aida in 2021 and Carmen in 2022, will follow, then the four seasons of Vivaldi in 2023 and the 9th Symphony of Beethoven in 2024.


Live stadium is able to deliver a performance-ready show anywhere in the world


Jean-Christophe Giletta said:

For much more than 14 years at the Stade de France, I have demonstrated that we can create resilient value in stadiums by diversifying the sporting programme with big cultural and popular shows. By proposing spectacular staging, developing bold artistic concepts and unprecedented marketing campaigns, we have gathered much more than 1.5 million spectators for terrific operas such as Carmen, Aïda, Nabucco, Turandot, Verdi’s Requiem or for original creations such as Celtic Nights, urban Peace, Unighted, Ben Hur and Excalibur. Sharing this experience with stadium operators, proposing terrific cultural shows, available to all, while entertaining, this is the goal of live Stadium.


For even more information, visit: www.LiveStadium.fr 


Jean-Christophe Giletta, CEO, live Stadium 


Images, courtesy: live Stadium



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Vancouver, Berlin announced as Laver cup 2023 and 2024 hosts

Vancouver and Berlin have been named as host cities for the Laver cup in 2023 and 2024m respectively, following a comprehensive and competitive bidding process ahead of this September’s event at The O2 in London.

The Laver cup will Camiseta River Plate be staged at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena from September 22-24, 2023, while Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Arena will host the Laver cup from September 20-22, 2024. London-based agency The sports Consultancy conducted the bidding process.

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“Our dream for the Laver cup was to bring together the world’s top players – rivals year-round – as teammates, to honor the terrific legends of the past and bring spectacular and competitive tennis to new destinations,” Laver cup Chairman Tony Godsick said. “With the fifth Laver cup taking place in London in September, and today’s announcement,  we are well on our way to realizing our vision for what is now a hugely popular event on the tennis calendar.”

Canada has had three players compete for team world in Laver cup competition: Felix Auger-Aliassime, Denis Shapovalov and Milos Raonic. Vancouver, with its sport hosting Vancouver partnership, has hosted numerous international events including the 2018 Grand Prix of figure Skating Final, 2019 world Junior Hockey Championships, 2019 Olympic Volleyball Camiseta Ajax Qualifier and the annual world Rugby Sevens. It was recently named a FIFA world cup 2026 host City and host of the 2025 Invictus Games.

“Seeing the world’s best players meet on center court here in Vancouver brings a whole new level of tennis to our city,” president and chief executive officer of Destination Vancouver Royce Chwin said. “Vancouver is raising our game in attracting top tier sporting events to our city and the Laver cup is another extraordinary competition to add to the schedule.”

Germany’s current star, world No.2 Alexander Zverev, is a four-time Laver cup champion as part of team Camiseta AS Roma Europe. The Mercedes-Benz Arena has showcased many international artists, as well as the Euroleague final four in 2009 and 2016, NBA and NHL games.

The three-day Laver cup competition pits six of the best players from team Europe, captained by  Bjorn Borg, against six leading players from team World, led John McEnroe. The Laver cup debuted in Prague in 2017 and has since rotated destinations between Europe and the World, staged in Chicago in 2018, Geneva in 2019, Boston in 2021 and in 2022, at The O2 in London this year.

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Foley, Alabama, hosts sun Belt Volleyball championship

despite a challenging year that has included navigating the pandemic as well as a hurricane, Foley, Alabama, is set to host the sun Belt conference Women’s Volleyball Championship, November 18–22. It will mark the first collegiate volleyball tournament hosted by Foley sports tourism at the Camiseta Liverpool FC Foley event Center.

“It has been an unprecedented year in sports,” said sun Belt Camiseta FC Utrecht assistant Commissioner Spencer Dodd. “The sun Belt conference wanted to make sure every student athlete had the opportunity to play in the safest conditions possible. We knew that FST would work closely with us to find the latest equipment and best practices to achieve that goal. even with the COVID-19 protocols we have in Camiseta UNAM Pumas place to keep our athletes safe, we knew that FST would also go above and beyond to make them feel welcomed and excited to play.”

The tournament will feature 12 teams participating in pool play with direct elimination matches until a champion is crowned on November 22. All matches in the tournament will be streamed live on ESPN+.

“We have been lucky enough to host the sun Belt Women’s soccer championship for many years and always want to give coaches a reason to look forward to coming back,” said David Thompson, Foley director of recreation and sports tourism. “The volleyball championship allows us to share all that Foley has to offer with a new set of visitors. We want to not only provide our top-notch hospitality, but also information on hosting tournaments, games, and camps at our facilities in the future.”

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XFL games to Air on ESPN, ABC as well as Fox

The revived XFL has revealed multiyear broadcast agreements with ESPN, ABC and Fox Sports to air games starting with the league’s inaugural season in 2020. XFL games will air regular on ABC as well as Fox, with ESPN, Camiseta Copa Mundial de Fútbol ESPN2, FS1 as well as FS2 sharing broadcast duties throughout the season as well.

The league will air back-to-back games starting Saturday afternoons at 2 p.m. ET as well as two extra games on Sunday afternoons. “We look ahead to showcasing the XFL on ESPN as well as ABC, including the kickoff game as well as championship during the league’s inaugural season,” stated Burke Magnus, ESPN executive vice president of programming as well as scheduling. “(XFL creator as well as Chairman) Vince McMahon and (Commissioner as well as CEO) Oliver Luck are two of the sports industry’s most innovative as well as experienced leaders, as well as they have interesting plans for this league. We believe in Camiseta Atletico Mineiro their vision for the XFL, which will be a fantastic addition to our year-round commitment to football.”

“We welcome the XFL to the Camiseta Club America Fox sports household as well as are delighted to broaden our connection with Vince McMahon,” stated Eric Shanks, Fox sports CEO as well as executive Producer. “Football is in Fox Sports’ DNA as well as a key element of our programming strategy. together with Oliver luck as well as his incredible team, we’re excited for the debut of the XFL on Fox Sports.”

CAA Sports and development Media Capital negotiated the television agreements in behalf of the XFL. The league will begin play February 8, 2020, in eight cities: Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, new York, St. Louis, Seattle, Tampa Bay as well as Washington D.C.

“We are thrilled to partner with ESPN as well as Fox Sports, two ingenious media business with extensive experience in world-class football production that will certainly assist us reimagine football,” McMahon said. “The XFL broadcast routine provides us with incredible reach as well as makes it simple for fans to watch our games consistently every weekend.”




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Ken Lawson named president as well as CEO of go to Florida

Ken Lawson has been appointed president as well as CEO of Visit Florida. The statement Camiseta Nagoya Grampus was made complying with a unanimous vote by the go to Florida board of directors earlier today. currently serving as secretary of the Florida department of business as well as expert Regulation, Lawson will presume his new function with go to Florida on January 11.

“Ken Lawson will be a tremendous possession to go to Florida as well as ensures the organization will be well positioned to continue to play a key function in promoting the specify to visitors around the globe,” said Carol Dover, president as well as CEO of the Florida restaurant & Lodging association as well as member of the go to Florida board of directors. “Visit Florida needs a CEO with his impeccable abilities as well as strong sense of obligation to the public sector, as well as Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Polonia I am honored as well as privileged that he has agreed to take this considerable leadership role.”

A Florida native as well as former U.S. Marine Corps judge advocate General, Lawson has spent six years with the Florida department of business as well as expert Regulation. during his tenure, he handled a team of 1,600 workers charged with licensing as well as regulating more than 1 million businesses as well as experts throughout the state. He likewise previously served as vice-president for compliance at nFinanSe Inc., a monetary services business based in Tampa.

Lawson succeeds former president as Camiseta Tigres UANL well as CEO Will Seccombe, who stepped down after governor Rick Scott required his resignation amid a questionable $1 million tourism contract with rapper Pitbull. go to Florida’s chief monetary policeman as well as chief advertising policeman were likewise terminated for being included in the once-secret contract, which Pitbull released in full detail on his Twitter account.

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exactly how can we finest assist young people establish a growth mindset language? This concern is currently being debated in psychology labs, staff-rooms as well as sports training grounds up as well as down the country. This blog looks at the type of language utilized to assist facilitate a successful mindset.

Book growth Mindset instructor Workshop

20 years ago, this seminal research study of growth Mindset discovered that a subtle modification in exactly how you praise somebody can lead to a remarkable shift in their behaviours. 86% of kids who had been applauded for their intelligence requested info about exactly how their peers did on the exact same task. only 23% of kids who had been applauded for effort requested this type of feedback, with the majority Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Francia of them asking for comments about exactly how they might do better.

Likewise, trainees who had been applauded for their natural capability were more likely to select easier tasks in the future; lie about exactly how successful they had been; enjoy the tasks less; as well as they were more likely to provide up more quickly.


Harnessing The Research

Keen to harness this research, the last few years have seen a increase in institutions looking exactly how to establish growth mindset ‘interventions’ in schools. This frequently takes the type of either assemblies and/or praising trainees when they try hard. Assemblies can be a great method of catching attention; however, on their own, one-off interventions seldom lead to long term behaviour change.

Likewise, Carol Dweck just recently cautioned against praising effort as well much. She says, ‘We likewise requirement to keep in mind that effort is a means to an end to the goal of discovering as well as improving. as well frequently nowadays, praise is provided to trainees who are putting forth effort, but not learning, in order to make them feel great in the moment: “Great effort! You tried your best!” It’s great that the trainees tried, but it’s not great that they’re not learning’. discovering is the focus of growth mindset, not just just trying hard.

So, apart from praising effort as well as running assemblies, what can we do? This is something we often get asked at our instructor CPD sessions. As a starting point, we discuss 8 Behaviours to Praise and great concerns to Ask Students. These areas requirement to be consistently reinforced as well as done at the right time.

For guidance on exactly how finest to implement these kinds of strategies, we suggest reading this excellent report; Addressing accomplishment spaces with mental Interventions. In it the researchers suggest that to maximise impact, educators should adopt ‘a stealthy approach’ that does not include ‘telling trainees they are getting an intervention to assist them’.


Stealthy subtle Interventions

So what would a stealthy intervention that includes more than just praising effort look like? For inspiration, we revisited the original growth Camiseta Leeds United mindset research study mentioned at the begin of this blog. in that study, researchers had a subtle shift in the language utilized when speaking to the participants. might something as simple as the daily language we utilize assist shift students’ mindset?

How somebody talks to themselves has been discovered to effect on exactly how they think, feel as well as subsequently perform. We explored this in more detail in our blog, 6 methods to talk to yourself Better. much better self-talk can assist trainees handle their nerves, enhance creativity, persistence as well as motivation. However, self-talk is seldom explicitly taught to students. It is frequently something that we presume that people do well.


So, what kind of sentences can we motivate trainees to state to themselves?

“I believe I can get better.”

“I am not great at this… yet.”

“I requirement to figure out what I’m missing.”

“I am going to discover exactly how they do it.

“What other strategies can I use?”

“Mistakes can assist me learn.”

“Today’s effort is worth tomorrow’s reward.”

“I requirement to keep trying for a bit longer.”

“Who can I request feedback/advice?”

Minor setback? major comeback!”

The sentences above, on their own, won’t shift a trainee from a fixed to a growth mindset. however we believe that motivating more language of growth mindset can be a great starting point.


Final Thought

The language we utilize when we talk to ourselves Camiseta Aston Villa FC can shift exactly how we think, feel as well as perform. It can be something so simple that we frequently overlook it. It does not requirement to be an all singing as well as dancing intervention – just a subtle, yet mindful decision to teach trainees useful methods to talk to themselves.

For even more information take a look at our page exactly how to establish a growth Mindset, where you’ll discover links to blogs as well as research.

IHG: sports produced a third of summertime group Bookings

From may with August 2020, a lot more than a third of all group bookings at IHG hotels as well as Resorts were from sports-related travel, the business has reported. The company, whose properties include holiday Inn, holiday Inn reveal as well as Crowne Plaza, stated the amateur sports market—led by baseball, softball as well as hockey—accounted for one of its strongest group travel segments over that stretch, with event organizers suggesting 2021 will be even stronger.

Starting in May, the business reported boosted sports bookings across its properties monthly with August.

“To see that continued month-over-month enhancement in spite of whatever going on in the world is truly great,” stated Betty Wilson, vice president of Americas sales for IHG. “It is a higher portion than we usually see. sports is consistently in our top five for group business. however it is over-performing provided other kinds of groups like huge conventions as well as association meetings that are just a lot more depressed ideal now.”

Outdoor sports created the majority of the sports bookings. While the a lot more prominent sports saw the greatest growth, the business likewise noted that group travel included events in archery as well as rock climbing.

In addition to sports, business officials stated enjoyment productions accounted for one more big segment, with film teams taking over entire hotels for productions in some cases, as well as enabling at least two other properties to reopen sooner than expected.

For sports, Wilson stated IHG has been using new programs to fit traveling teams. That has included the capability for teams to reserve entire floors of a hotel to produce a bubble-type environment, in addition to the capability to utilize satisfying area Camiseta Inter Milan that has mainly been offered for hospitality or team meetings.

“If the group states we want to be sequestered as well as apart for other guests in the hotel, we’ve produced hospitality lounges normally in satisfying spaces,” Wilson said. “It’s a great deal of discovering ideal now to see what works.”

The business has likewise improved its cleaning protocols as well as communicated those clearly with groups, something Wilson stated has been well got by organizers.

As for 2021, Wilson stated business officials are optimistic based on what they are hearing from event organizers. “Obviously the huge concern is it’s all truly dependent on the recovery, what’s happening with COVID, are there spikes, are we back to the limitations we hope don’t get instituted,” she said. “But what we’re hearing from clients as well as competition organizers is that they’re optimistic. as well as I would state when we get beyond 2021 Camiseta Montpellier HSC Camiseta Santos Laguna as well as there are vaccines as well as truly great therapeutics, we’re quite bullish on this segment. We believe we have a great deal a lot more space to grow.”

IHG has a portfolio of 6,000 hotels in 100 countries. other brands under the company’s umbrella include InterContinental, Regent, Kimpton, hotel Indigo, Staybridge Suites, Atwell Suites as well as Candlewood Suites.

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Bristol sport & Ashton entrance prolong PTI partnership

PTI digital have been reappointed by Bristol sport as well as Ashton entrance for one more four years, to develop upon the foundations now set in the digital change job it began in 2018.

The next phase of work focuses on digital consumer experience as well as prepares Ashton entrance for the next phase of its advancement – the shipment of a world-class sporting Quarter for the Camiseta Barcelona city of Bristol.

The sporting Quarter will see a new 4,000-seat sports as well as Convention Centre developed adjacent to the stadium. It will be a new house for the Bristol Flyers as well as imply that the sporting group’s basketball, rugby as well as football teams will all phone call Ashton entrance home. The suggested advancement will likewise include a 232-room hotel as well as residential as well as industrial units.

Ashton entrance is the largest seminar as well as events location in the South West as well as plays hold to a number of major home entertainment events, including music shows as well as national sporting finals. Its visitor base is diverse as well as every individual’s needs as well as expectations are different, so it complies with that the focus of this next phase of advancement will be on providing a really distinct experience based on a holistic view of the customer.

Building on the foundations 
This method will integrate the entire data as well as digital estate covering ticketing; catering; mobile app; website; streaming as well as digital advertising to comprehend exactly how each private communicates across the entire Bristol sport & Ashton entrance portfolio as well as to allow that personalised experience.

The centrepiece of the new sporting Quarter at Ashton entrance is a 4,000-seater sports as well as Convention Centre (SCC), which will see Bristol Flyers Basketball team join Bristol City as well as the Bristol Bears at BS3
This news complies with hot on the heels of PTI being appointed by the London stadium to establish a linked stadium strategy, by Wasps as well as Coventry building society Arena to provide its digital change technique as well as by NEC group to provide their mobile strategy.

PTI’s new clients join Oak view group (OVG), Norwich City, City Football group as well as Edgbaston, amongst others. PTI have likewise just recently introduced a handled IT service providing to support its fast expansion.

Next level
Mark Kelly, Managing director at Bristol sport as well as Ashton entrance said:

The work we have finished with PTI over the past three years has taken us ahead extremely in terms of producing a much better innovation operation that enhances the client experience. This next phase of work is a natural extension which develops on those foundations to take that experience to the next level as well as enable us to realise our own ambitions as we look to scale our business.

Ben Wells, CCO, PTI, as well as Lisa Knights, chief of Communications, Bristol sport & Ashton Gate, were both speakers at the 2021 edition of ALSD International hosted by Liverpool FC, as were Becci Thomson, Head of premium Sales, Co-op Live, as well as man Dunstan, Managing director – Ticketing & Arenas, NEC Group.

Mike Bohndiek, chief executive policeman at PTI, said:

Bristol sport is one of the jewels in our crown as well as we are pleased to have been appointed to assist them on their interesting journey. The roadmap for this next phase of work will not only enhance the client experience still even more however drive Camiseta Kawasaki Frontale retention as well as ideally advocacy, determine where there are crossovers in interaction across its diverse portfolio of teams as well as events as well as with that personalised experience, enhance the lifetime value of its client base.

Digital Transformation
PTI’s digital change pyramid – which unifies its three core pillars of location Technology, data & digital as well as industrial technique – lays the foundation for the holistic digital change of sports as well as home entertainment organisations as well as venues. It is this integrated, effective method which begins with tactical intent as well as is informed by insight as well as powered by the best innovation facilities which produces considerable industrial advantage over the long-term.

Source & imagery, courtesy: PTI

PTI is a longstanding VIP plus sponsor of sports location Business. For much more info on their industry-leading solutions, click on the banner below…


Sports location company organises as well as delivers ALSD International, the industry’s Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Corea del Sur leading seminar & exhibition, as well as now 365 community, with a focus on enhancing income with new Builds, remodellings & service Expansions, through premium Seating, Hospitality, Architecture, Design, fan Experience, Technology, Rebuilding & Recovery, in behalf of the association of high-end Suite Directors.

The 2021 hybrid edition was held by Liverpool Football Club as well as featured a high-level conferencenull

Athletes who Excel In method however Not competition

In this week’s sports psychology podcast, mental game of sports expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn, answers a concern from an athlete who states he has the skills however does not perform as much as his capability in competition. discover exactly how to take your method game to competition!

Listen to this month’s sports psychology podcast to discover exactly how to enhance your performance Camiseta Montpellier HSC in sports as well as other mental game barriers that limit your performance.

Download the sports Psychology Podcast #114 (right click as well as “save as” to your computer)

Subscribe to The sports Psychology podcast via iTunes.

Grab Dr. Cohn’s free mental training as well as mental toughness for sports eBooks!

Download a free sports psychology report to enhance your mental game!

Want Dr. Cohn to response your mental game of sports concern in his podcast? submit your sports psychology concern to Dr. Cohn at Peaksports.com.


Boost Your self-confidence With mental game Coaching!

Master mental game coach, Dr. Patrick Cohn, can assist you or your athlete(s), ages 12 as well as up, overcome mental game problems with personal coaching.

You can work with Dr. Patrick Cohn himself in Orlando, Florida or via Skype, FaceTime, or telephone. phone call us toll free at 888-742-7225 or get in touch with us for more info about the different coaching programs we offer!

What are our trainees saying?
“WOW!!! What a week I had. I was able to perform with a confidence that enabled my style to radiate through–no more entering the arena keeping that “deer in the headlights” look or feeling. I stopped evaluating myself while I was performing, as well as I really left the arena after my patterns feeling like I had experienced a great deal of fun. say thanks to you so much.”
~Julia Dreyer, national champion Equestrian

For All athletes – discover Confidence-Boosting Techniques!

D you have a unfavorable self-image of yourself as an athlete that stifles confidence?

No matter ow positive you try to be, are you not able to shake the question that rushes into your head when you size up your competition?

Have you identified yourself as a loser, bad closer, or mediocre athlete as well as these labels keep you stuck in a rut of self-pity as well as indecision?

If you’ve responded to indeed to any type of of these questions, inspect out The positive Athlete!

The positive athlete CD as well as workbook program is a 14-day plan for ultimate self-confidence. This program is suitable for any type of athlete or coach that wishes to find proven confidence-boosting methods guaranteed to dramatically develop self-confidence as well as enhance sports performance.

Learn more about one of our most prominent CD programs in The positive athlete Series…

The positive Athlete: A 14-Day plan For ultimate Self-Confidence

Check out all of the products in The positive athlete Series!

What are clients saying?
“I very first bought The positive athlete to see exactly how the program went as well as promptly saw results. I then bought the rest of the positive athlete series as well as have noticed a remarkable enhancement in my level of play or should I state consistency. I currently play NCAA division 1 baseball for Lamar University, as well as even my coaches have noticed a modification in the method that I approach the game. My mindset as well as confidence at the plate.”
~Tylor Prudhomme (Listen to his success Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Marruecos story)

“I am a ASP world qualifying expert surfer as well as after beginning the ‘The positive Athlete’ I had an almost immediate modification in mindset about my own surfing capability as well as my mindset going into competition. By utilizing the positive athlete strategies, my confidence has done a total 180 degrees. I won a regional pro/am a few weeks back, as well as just had my finest result of the year in one the last huge events on the world circuit this last week in Camiseta Villarreal CF Brazil! It is my trick weapon!”
~Shaun Burrell, expert Surfer (Listen to his success story)

For young athletes as well as parents – discover more about exactly how to assist youngsters enhance confidence Quickly!

We’ve got a excellent program for you called “The positive sports Kid: A 7-Day plan for building ultimate Self-Confidence.”

The positive sports youngster is a 7-day program for sports parents as well as youngsters to boost young athlete’s performance, happiness as well as success… in sports as well as life!

The positive sports youngster is two programs in one. There’s a handbook as well as CD for parents/coaches, as well as a workbook/CD for young athletes.

Packed with mental strategies that you as well as your youngsters can begin utilizing immediately, this program teaches your athletes exactly how to determine confidence busters, proactively offer with them, handle expectations that undermine confidence, as well as psychologically prepare to stay positive when dealt with with adversity.

What’s more, our programnull

Ungerboeck continues top work environment legacy in 2022

Ungerboeck has been named a 2022 national top work environment for the second consecutive year. The honour is consistent with a decade of positive Camiseta Borussia Monchengladbach company culture at Ungerboeck, as this year’s recognition marks the 17th work environment award got because 2012.

The criterion for this honour is based on Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Arabia Saudita confidential employee comments gathered with a survey conducted by Energage, an employee interaction innovation provider. The anonymous survey steps a number of elements of work environment culture, including alignment, execution and connection, just to name a few.

Ungerboeck president & CEO, Manish Chandak, said:

Over the last 12 months, we grew extremely rapidly. We obtained three business and grew our headcount by 25%. growth and integrations at this scale needs a work environment culture that makes this possible and welcoming for new employees. We are thankful for those we work with in these quickly changing times.

According to Energage, research study shows that organisations that consistently earn the top work environment honour attract better talent, experience lower turnover, and are better equipped to deliver bottom-line results.

Ungerboeck has experienced this first-hand with 57 employee hires in the past year, not including the personnel welcomed from EventBooking, ShoWorks, and Priava.

Given so much change and growth across Ungerboeck in 2021, the most recent award also talks to the company’s ability to foster an outstanding level of count on and general complete satisfaction within its ranks, new or old.

For executive Vice President, Steve Mackenzie, the deliberate emphasis on producing an pleasurable atmosphere is easy to justify:

People cannot do their finest work if they aren’t healthy, pleased and engaged. When we prioritise our people, every aspect of our company benefits.

About Ungerboeck
Ungerboeck is the world’s leading event innovation software application empowering over 50,000 individuals in Camiseta SSC Napoli much more than 50 countries. Our community of clients includes top shows from across the world; fantastic performing arts venues; global convention centres; the world’s many went to museums, expert sports arenas. Plus, other distinct events and venues of all shapes and sizes.

For over 35 years, Ungerboeck has served as the event industry’s innovation leader—driving development and assisting organisations adapt to emerging trends. Ungerboeck proudly supports its around the world client base from its global headquarters in the united states with regional existence in Germany, France, Mexico, England, Australia and China.

Ungerboeck is a longstanding VIP sponsor of sports location Business. For much more information on their industry-leading solutions, click on the banner below…



Sports location company organises & delivers ALSD International, the leading event & 365 community for the premium Seat & Hospitality sector, focused on enhancing income with new Builds, remodellings & service Expansions, in behalf of the association of high-end Suite Directors (ALSD).

The 2021 hybrid edition was held by Liverpool Football Club and featured a high-level conference, an exhibition showcasing industry-leading products & services, in addition to networking events at Everton’s Goodison Park and M&S bank Arena. The 2022 event will be announced in the coming days!

#ALSDInternational – Europe’s leading event for the premium Seat & sports Hospitality sector
#ALSD – Leading the premium Seat industry for the last 30 years
#sportsvenuebusiness – The leading platform for industry news, views & developments

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