All or None Thinking: One Trap For Perfectionists

sports confidence Buster #6

Some of the biggest athletes ever are perfectionists including Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, as well as Serena Williams. So exactly how did they get away with being perfectionists? Is perfectionism helpful?

Is this part of the reason why these athletes are excellent or is perfectionism a thorn in their side? the very best athletes are able to parlay the advantages into shaping their greatness while managing the downsides that include being a perfectionist.

First, athletes requirement to get rid of the lure of “perfectionism” with logic. No athlete is perfect. The Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Serbia pressure to play a best game hurts your confidence as well as pleasure for the sport.

Second, do functionally, not perfect. You’re not going to be in the zone every game! Don’t let one poor play dictate your mindset as well Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Ecuador as performance the rest of the competition. focus on winning awful as well as getting it done–without the requirement to feel or have it look perfect.

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The Focused athlete program includes 2 audio CDs that include 14 days of focus improving exercises as well as a basic to comply with workbook that guides you with each of the 14 days, assists you apply the strategies, as well as customizes the exercises to your personal focus challenges.

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