Should You stop Tennis?

exactly how to get rid of Nerves as well as take pleasure in Tennis Again

Do you feel anxious before matches as well as are under a great deal of pressure to the point where you don’t want to play the game anymore?

In this week’s tennis psychology podcast, mental game of tennis expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a concern from Dwayne who’s doubting whether he must continue to play tennis.

Here’s what Dwayne had to state about his game:

“My issue is that I dislike that anxious feeling before going into a match as well as all the pressure of wanting to be great sufficient to showcase what I’ve practiced for months. I dislike the feeling, I’m even believing about quitting the game. I do try to focus on the game itself however that feeling of being anxious truly gets to me at my core. What must I do? must I just stop the game?”

COHN: I suggest to athletes that quitting since of the mental game issue, something that you can take care of, isn’t a valid reason.

COHN: In other words, if you want to stop the game since it is no longer fun or you have other interests or you want to do one more sport, those are a lot more valid reasons, in my opinion.

COHN: however to stop the game since just your nervous, I state just since I feel like that is something that you can get rid of as well as get beyond.

COHN: So, exactly how do you get beyond it in this specific case?

Listen to the audio below to discover what Dr. Cohn suggest you can do to get rid of your nerves as well as take pleasure in tennis again:

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“I get so frustrated with hitting poor shots or with errors as well as it snowballs.”

“I expect so much when I play that I unravel as well as lose confidence when the match does not go as planned.”

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