Tennis Podcast: Do You “Fold” Under pressure in Tennis

Improving confidence in Tennis

In this week’s tennis psychology podcast, mental game of tennis expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a question from a tennis grandmother who says:

“I have two grandchildren (10 years & 11 years) who are potentially very good tennis players but easily “fold ” when the pressure goes up & loose their determination, less agility/movement around the court, lack of urgency, etc. Do you have any books or videos that will build on the very Camiseta US Sassuolo good complimentary publication that you have provided?”

Dr. Cohn gives mental game ideas on how to improve confidence in tennis.
Listen to this month’s tennis psychology podcast to learn how to improve your performance in tennis and other mental game barriers that limit your performance.

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~Jason Bourguignon, Uncle

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“Dr. Cohn, one of my goals is to become a world-class-coach, There are a few coaches from the us who inspired me the most-John Wooden, kid Shula, and Pat Riley. After working with you, I now also list your name among the most influential coaches in my field!”

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“Maggie had such a great weekend. As always, after she works with you she just seems a lot more grounded and focused. She’s less likely to look around and get distracted during her match. She’s a lot more focused on one point at a time. Also, as a parent, I’ve learned to encourage her process goals and not outcomes. Consequently, she played well and won her first doubles match, upsetting a seeded team in a really really close match!”
~Katherine Johnson Cannata, Maggie’s mother

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